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Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

Do You Know? How Many Space To Save Whole Of Internet Data In The World

Internet linked one to another

ASTERPRESCOTT.BLOGSPOT.COM, Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim, Assalamualaikum. As we have known about the fact of today's every people using internet and do you ever think about the data? How many space that needed to collect them. 

Whether you are a crazy existed or just waste your time to read and learn on internet. If you are crazy existed collecting many of photos or videos stored on facebook, twitter or instagram or any of cloud store then let's think about how if every people goes like you. Ohhh sorry guys I'm not racist but it just example, don't blame me okay :D.

And might be some people need to store their data in cloud storage it's up to the man, just watch the fact here. 

All of content on the internet predicted would soon reach 1yb (yottabyte) or 1 quadrillion gigabytes ( gb)

This means that:

It took 694 quadrillion of Floppy Disks (694. to keep it in 1976. 
It took 7 trillion of CDs (6.997.900.600.000) to keep it in 1996. 
Need 1 trillion External Hard Drives ( to keep it in the year 2007. 
It took 2 trillion SD Flash Drives (1.953.125.000.000) to keep it in 2015. 
$ 1 quadrillion = 10x the amount of money circulating throughout the Earth. 
If the storage media were stacked one by one, then the result: 
The Floppy Disk contains all data of the internet could 122x any further than the distance that is able to reached by Voyager in space. 
The CD contains all data of the internet could 227 times the lap of the Earth. 
The Hard Drive contains all data of the internet could be 1/7 Earth's distance to the Sun. 
The Flash Drive contains all data of the internet could be 7x the distance round trip from the Earth to the moon.

See the original here infographic:

:) enough for the fact and thanks to visit, I'm Aditya Von Herman, see you next...

Rewrite and Translated To English By : Aditya Von Herman
Source :,

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